Environment – Backup

Our environment monitoring page contains the latest monitoring data, our licencing details and pollution, incident response and management plans.

GPM works with all levels of Government and relevant authorities to ensure that all work carried out site meets all essential safety and health standards.

GPM’s work at the former Munmorah Power Station saw more than 97% of all material recycled.

GPM is now concentrating on addressing remediation issues at the former power station in Munmorah, in line with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines.

At Lidsdale, GPM’s key focus will be planning for and then undertaking the safe closure of the Kerosene Vale Ash Repository and the Sawyers Swamp Creek Ash Dam and then appropriately remediating the balance of the site for permanent closure.

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Monitoring Files:
LMP 1 Water Monitoring Data.pdf
LDP2 Water Monitoring Data.pdf
LMP 17 Water Monitoring Data.pdf
LMP 18 Water Monitoring Data.pdf
LMP 19 Water Monitoring Data.pdf

Drawing_EPL 759 – Licence Monitoring Point Locations.pdf

Damn Safety – Colongra Creek Ash Dam:
CCAD- Annual-Dams-Safety-Standards-Report-2021.pdf


Monitoring Files:
LDP3 Water Monitoring Data.pdf

Drawing_EPL 21185– Licence Monitoring Point Locations.pdf

Damn Safety – Sawyers Swamp Creek Ash Dam:
SSCAD- Annual-Dams-Safety-Standards-Report-2021.pdf