Generator Property Management Pty Ltd is established as a transaction company in accordance with the Electricity Generator Assets (Authorised Transactions) Act 2012 (NSW), for any purpose that is ancillary or incidental to or consequential on an authorised transaction, including, but not limited to any dealings with Electricity Generator Assets transferred to the Company pursuant to an Authorised Transaction, which dealings may include (without limitation):

  1. Decommissioning, demolition or rehabilitation of power station sites;
  2. Operational management of closed power station sites and their related infrastructure and assets, and
  3. Management of ongoing regulatory and contractual obligations in respect of the power station sites.

The Company must comply with all aspects of the Electricity Generator Assets (Authorised Transactions) Act 2012 (NSW) including any directions given by the NSW Treasurer in accordance with this Act.

Generator Property Management Pty Ltd (GPM) is now the owner of the areas of the Lidsdale site north of the Castlereagh Highway, comprising an area of approximately 528 ha.

GPM has taken over all the regulatory and contractual obligations associated with the past and future management of these lands previously held by Energy Australia from 15th September 2020.  Greenspot Wallerawang Pty Ltd has taken possession of all of the power station lands south of the Highway including the former power station for the purpose of operating their business.

GPM’s key focus will be planning for and then undertaking the safe closure of the Kerosene Vale Ash Repository and the Sawyers Swamp Creek Ash Dam and then appropriately remediating the balance of the site for permanent closure.  In the immediate term, GPM will be focused on the responsible day-to-day management of the site. GPM has been issued Environment Protection Licence 21185 for the site which is available at https://apps.epa.nsw.gov.au/prpoeoapp.

GPM also owns the former Munmorah Power Station site on the NSW Central Coast. GPM was responsible for the safe demolition of that power station and now continues to manage the responsible remediation of the site This site involves approximately 700 hectares of surrounding land and infrastructure including an Ash Dam.

The former Munmorah Power Station and its surrounding lands and infrastructure and all regulatory and contractual obligations associated with the past and future management of the site were transferred to the Company in October 2016.

GPM values maintaining regular contact with all relevant authorities and the neighbouring communities in which we operate.

We also believe it is important to keep communities updated on the progress of works relating to the management of our sites.

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Liberty Industrial are the Principal Contractor for the Munmorah Power Station Demolition Project. The first key milestone achieved was on March 26, 2017 when the chimney stacks were demolished by explosive blast. The third and final blast event was on February 7, 2018 for demolition of the last two boiler units and coal bunkers.