GPM is the current land owner and manager of the Ash Storage Dams and stockpiles in the Kerosene Vale Ash Repository (KVAR) area at Lidsdale, comprising an area of approximately 528ha that was formerly part of the now-closed Wallerawang Power Station.

The KVAR site was declared as significantly contaminated land on 22 August 2022 under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997. This enables the EPA to regulate the management and rehabilitation works to be completed by GPM and to continue regulating the land into the future. The EPA decides when the regulation ends. The EPA will also inform the community and future land use decision-makers about the presence of contamination to futureproof the area.

GPM is establishing the Kerosene Vale Community Consultation Group (KVAR CCG) to keep the community informed of the planning and execution of the safe closure of the Kerosene Vale Ash Repository and the Sawyers Swamp Creek Ash Dam

Members of the community are invited to apply as a member of the KVAR CCG. All relevant documentation for applying can be found in the Guidelines.

To apply, please complete the Online Application Form. Once you have completed the form, click “Submit” and your application will be lodged.

We look forward to hearing from interested members of the community. Deadline for applications is August 25th 2023.

Update – 28 August 2023:
Applications have now closed.
GPM is now in the process of reviewing all applications received and those who applied will be notified in due course, with the first meeting of the Community Consultation Group to be held mid-September (Note: this date is subject to change).

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CCG Guidelines: